The amount of ergonomics and user involvement in 151 design processes

Posted by Barbara on Wednesday April 11th 2012 at 15:08

At The IEAN congress Recife, Brazil 2012, We; B.Kok, P.Vink & K. Slegers; presented our research about the use of ergonomics and user involvement in design processes.

here you can read the abstract:

The amount of ergonomics and user involvement in 151 design processes:

Abstract: Ergonomics, usability and user-centered design are terms that are well known among designers. Yet, products often seem to fail to meet the users’ needs, resulting in a gap between expected and experienced usability. To understand the possible causes of this gap the actions taken by the designer during the design process are studied in this paper. This can show whether and how certain actions influence the user-friendliness of the design products. The aim of this research was to understand whether ergonomic principles and methods are included in the design process, whether users are involved in this process and whether the experience of the designer (in ergonomics/user involvement) has an effect on the end product usability. In this study the design processes of 151 tangible products of students in design were analyzed. It showed that in 75% of the cases some ergonomic principles were applied. User involvement was performed in only 1/3 of the design cases. Hardly any correlation was found between the designers’ experience in ergonomic principles and the way they applied it and no correlations were found between the designers’ experience in user involvement and the users’ involvement in the design process.

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Posted by ilse on Monday November 22nd 2010 at 13:29

At the occasion of Art Brussels last spring (April 2010), the contemporary jewelry art gallery Caroline Van Hoek showed part of Hannah Joris’ installation of 99 brooches in potato and iron from her M.A. graduation project (Konstfack, Stockholm, 2009) called “Our vulnerable position”. French editor Élisabeth Paillié visited the exhibition and contributed a brief article to the design magazine Intramuros (n°149, pg. 10).

Intramuros Article

Masterprojects Object & Jewellery

Posted by ilse on Tuesday July 13th 2010 at 10:53

Right from the beginning, the teaching staff of the Masterclass Object & Jewellery and the Masterstudio Art/Object & Design had the feeling that it would be an important academic year with strong masterprojects. The report of the Wanatoe-jury agreed upon this intuitive feeling: the masterclass was regarded as the most interesting and most research-based studio, one of the best in Flanders at the moment.

Jill Ryckaert, with her jewellery evolving out of a subjective interpretation of ‘the tree of life’ from Darwin, is granted the Wanatoe-price and is nominated for the Marzee International Graduation Show.


Lore Langendries is explicitly balancing the border in between the craftsman and the designer, creating in that way both unica en multiples. For her work, she is granted the price ‘Design Platform Limburg’ and hereby the first candidate for ‘Toegepast 16’.


Dries Dockx presents himself as a real silversmith, questioning the functions of objects throughout his work. He is granted the prestigious price ‘Wim Ibens’.



Zeno Vaes assembles from materials and stories found at the Belgian coast a series of interesting jewellery. His work also is selected for the Marzee International Graduation Show.


Eline Fransen grants motion a central place within her jewellery. Also the game-component is important in her work, causing an interesting interaction between the people who wear her jewellery, the ones looking at it, and the jewellery itself.


Ine Theuwissen develops jewellery where the people, wearing the jewellery, become co-creator. This kind of interaction makes sure that the final view upon her jewellery is never the same.


All projects are presented in ‘Zilvermuseum Sterckshof’ in Antwerp (‘zilvertalenten’) and this until the 18th of july.

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