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Art/Object & Design is a research group at the Media, Arts & Design-faculty (MAD-faculty)

The aim of this research group is to do fundamental and applied research into art, craft and design and preferably within a crossover between these three contexts. The object of research lies in the study of the design (strategies), the (conceptual) meaning and realisation of artworks, objects and products of any kind and in the context in which they operate.  Design or the practicing of art is a cognitive, reflective process (‘reflection in/on action’) as a basis for communication, innovation, …

Special focus goes to



- Research on the impact of making during designing or practicing arts (design by doing) and on the role the medium (material, techniques and technology) plays. Materialization and medium can be considered as a direct means to an end as well as (part of) the concept (expressive potential of material, techniques and processes)

- Research on the interaction between industrial production and new materials versus (hand-) crafted production and traditional materials. What is the value of each type of production and how can they strengthen each other? What is the role of the fingerprint in the 21th century?

- Research on the representation and imitation of techniques, materials, ideas, images and objects. Questions such as “what is real, what is fake, what is the original’ and “what is a copy’ …  are posed



- The human body as a subject in art

- Research on objects and design-strategies where the human body plays a central role: as wearer, as user and as a maker

- Experience design: the designer, experiencing the world of the user and exploring from this perspective the problems and challenges, increasing the experience values of the designs solutions that result from this process

- User centred design: the influence of the user/ viewer in the design, function – the use of the object – as part of the concept from which new materialisations arise

- Research to human senses as another way to experience art, e.g. sound and smell as art



- Research into environmentally friendly designs by using environmentally friendly materials and/or processes …



David Huycke: david.huycke@phl.be

Ilse Stoutenilse.stouten@khlim.be

MAD-faculty Campus Elfde Linie, Elfde-Liniestraat 24, B-3500 Hasselt, Belgium, Phone +32 (0)11 23 88 88

MAD-faculty Campus C-mine, C-mine 5, B-3600 Genk, Belgium, Phone +32 (0)89 30 08 54


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