ODAM conference 2011

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Our researcher Barbara Kok attended the ODAM conference in South Africa. The 10th International Symposium of Human Factors in Organisational Design and Management, “Research for the missing link” was devoted to the management of the complex involvement of humans in their environment. The different approaches of designing work life hadto meet at one focus point: the human being. The symposium provided interdisciplinary platforms to discuss recent developments of managing the human environment system in theory and in practice, aiming for sustainable and effective performance. This included different environments and cultures, such as in industrially advanced and industrially developing countries, as well as different forms of employment and different production and service industry sectors.  150 research presentations were held in many different domains, amongst others, design management, ergonomics (organizational, physics, cognitive…), Product Design. Researchers from more than 25 countries participated this conference. The most interesting themes for design where EQUID & affective design, application of ergonomic design, Human factors methods and tools and methods for participatory design.

Barbara presented  her paper: Methods of the design process


Ergonomics, usability and user-centred design are principles that are well known among designers. Yet designers often seem to fail to meet the users’ needs, designing things people don’t understand or know how to use.  To have a clear view on the causes of this failure it is necessary to know what steps designers take during the design process. This research aimed to understand the methods used by designers in practice during the design process. A total of 151 design cases of students in product design were analysed.

Greenside Design centre

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Travelreport Barbara Kok

During my visit to South Africa I had the opportunity to visit the Greenside Design Center College of design and to participate in the jury of a design assignment .  This college offers a high level of design education.  The degree programmes offered are grounded in a strong research base and this will ensure that our programmes remain at the forefront of design education. The Greenside Design Center strongly encourage commitment to social responsibility through forging partnerships with the design industry, education institutions and community at large.  In the near future we will try to set up a design project  in which both students from MAD-fac (productdesign) and Greenside Design Center (interinor design) will participate. 

More info about the college: www.designcenter.co.za

Sustainable Summer School

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A unique collaboration of REcentre and Institute without Boundaries

From 19 – 25 August 2011 REcentre organises a summer school on sustainable design together with the renowned Institute without Boundaries (Toronto, Canada). It involves a seven day course, aiming to provide participants with new insights via an intensive curriculum in the field of sustainability and design. The Institute without Boundaries’ faculty join forces with Euregional lecturers to accompany the participants. The programme has an interdisciplinary design approach. The Sustainable Summer School is targeted at designers, students, teachers and enthusiasts of all possible backgrounds. Three site specific case studies will be tackled: Public Space (Liège, B), Food (Maastricht, NL) and Water (Hasselt, B) sharing the common theme of ‘Identity’. 

Online presentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOM96c4kq6c

More info and registration: www.recentre.org/sustainablesummerschool

Mail to:  info@recentre.org

A-Z Lezing: Bas Raijmakers (NL)

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03.05.2011 om 20u00, te Z33

Bas Raijmakers doctoreerde in 2007 op interactief ontwerp aan het Koninklijke Kunstcollege en heeft op dit moment zijn eigen designonderzoeksbedrijf STBY (Standby) in Londen en Amsterdam, samen met dr. Geke van Dijk. STBY houdt zich vooral bezig met sociaal onderzoek voor innovatie en ontwerp. Bas heeft een achtergrond in de cultuurwetenschappen, de internetindustrie en het interactief ontwerp. Zijn voornaamste passie is mensen met behulp van visual storytelling bekend te maken met het design- en innovatieproces.


De A-Z lezingen gaan dinsdag door in de Zebrazaal van Z33.
De lezingen zijn gratis mits inschrijving.
Registreer je voor de A-Z lezing met Bas Raijmakers op:

werkweek Productdesign

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Van 4 tot 8 april vond de jaarlijkse werkweek van onze masteropleiding Productdesign plaats.
Hierin werken de studenten van alle vijf jaren samen rond een bepaald thema.
Dit jaar werkte metn samen met een aantal Kringloopcentra in Limburg: Turnhout, Maasmechelen, Genk, Hasselt, Lommel en Heusden-Zolder.
De studenten van de opleiding Productdesign van de Media, Arts & Design faculty (of kortweg MAD-fac) gingen in de ateliers op de verschillende locaties werken met de materialen die daar binnengebracht worden: meubels, elektronica, textiel.
De doelstelling was in groep twee objecten te creëren. Enerzijds een combinatie uit meubelstukken en elektronica en anderzijds een face-à-face-stoel.
Deze laatste was in opdracht van de organisatie “De Genks”. Zij willen met dit object de communicatie met de burger stimuleren om met dit meubel de straat op te gaan en daar de mensen uit te nodigen voor een gesprek.
Hiervoor hadden de studenten van maandagnamiddag tot woensdagnamiddag de tijd.

Wie meer foto’s wil zien van deze inspirerende werkweek kan surfen naar:

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